Acrylic Putty

Dubond Acrylic Prime Putty is anacryl icres in base plaster putty for in terior & exterior. The acrylic emulsion based high solids quick drying putty which can be applied by putty knife without cracking, provided excessive thicknesses is not applied in one application.High performance acrylic putty for interior& exterior. Dubond Acrylic Prime Putty is a composite of Ultra fine minerals, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, additives, adhesivesand organic binder which are specially formulated in house

  • Green Building Rating
  • Mineral > 30%
  • Low Emission
  • Low Ecological Impact
  • Health Care
  • Water Based

Areas of Application
Ideal for filling minor dents and other irregularities on substrates such as plasters, concrete building boards, Plywood etc. Can be used for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Sealing cracks in plasters,concretes, brickwork and gaps around penetrations (doors, windows, piping/conduits, etc.)

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to variety of surfaces such as concrete, masonry, wood, metals etc.
  • Excellent ability to take differential thermal expansions of dis similar materials.
  • Good Ultra Voilet and heat resistance.
  • Elongation at break 400%.
  • Easy in use Water based

Surface Preparation

  • Stone the surface thoroughly and minimize the surface undulations if any. Widen and deeped the crack to about to 2-3 mm in ā€˜Vā€™-notch profile by mechanical grinding/milling.
  • Clean the crack / gap of any loose materials,dirt,dust,oil etc.compressed air or water jet can be used for this along with manual raking.
  • Fill the crack / gap fully acrylic-prime putty Wait for 3 hours. Refill any shrinkage. Tool the surfaces to get desired finish.


  • Free the surface from dirt, loose particles and residual paints.
  • Smoothen the surface with fine emery paper, - apply within 2-3 hours using putty knife/towel.
  • Apply two coats of wall putty for silky finish, - leave 8 to 10 hours for drying.
  • Smoothen the surface by sanding with emery paper 320/400 and remove all loose powder.
  • Apply any other paint directly on wall on the coated surface , no need of primer.


Painting over Allow curing for 12 hours prior to painting over.
Special attributes No need to use plaster of paris, chalk powder or primer before applying paint. Apply on almost all i
Appearance Off White Paste Form
Thickness 1 to 1.5 mm per coat
Drying time 3 to 4 hours
Finish smooth finish
Coverage The approximate covering capacity is 25 to 30 sq.ft/kg/coat Apply on almost all interior surfaces wh
Filling volume 1 kg of Acrylic-Prime Putty will fill 25 feet of 4mm x 4mm crack. Can be painted over by all regular
Packing 1 Kg container & 20 Kg Bucket.
Shelf Life & Storage Minimum 18 months in unopened containers. Store in a cool and dry place
Safety Precautions Keep the container closed after use. Do not intermix with other products. Keep out of reach of child

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