Concrete Plaster

Dubond’s DU PLAST 20 is single component mortar with fine granulometry that forms a highly protective and fine finish on concrete. The thixotropic polymer based Du Plast 20 has correction range of thicknesses from 1 to 10 mm and has monolithic compactness and dimensional stability

Areas of Application
DU Plast 20 is suitable for internal use for high resistance correcting (1mm to 10 mm) of irregular and undulated substrates to be made ready for ceramics, homogeneous tiles, marbles parquet and resilient materials

Areas of Application
Levelling of uneven walls made of concrete or cementitious plaster in interiors or exterirors Smoothing of substrates consisting of concrete, stone, brick, cement blocks or cementitious plaster of adequatemechanical strength, in interiors/exteriors for improved adhesion. Reinforced plaster for consolidating unsound masonry imrpoved bonding to smooth substrates with low absorbency. Compensates shrinkage. High durability to aggresive substrates such as sulphates and chlorides. It is impermeable to rains and has calibrated shrinkage. The fluidifying agents reduces water/cement ratio while interstitial crystallizing agent provide stable chemical structurethat is resistant to carbonation, nitrates, sulphates and chloride attracts.

Preparation of Substrates
Substrates must be stable, dry, free from any rising damp, without cracks, free from dust oil, grease and loose, flaky parts. on substrates which are compact but very absorbent, apply Hydro Prime, Water-based surface insulations, in order to reduce and regulate the level of absorption. In the case of absorbent substrates with weak consistency, apply in double coats without dilution of water.

Prepare DU Plast 20 in a clean container by pouring in 3/4 of the water required. Gradually add DU Plast 20 to the water, mixing the paste with a low-rev (400/min.) helicoidal agitator. Add water until a homogeneous, lump-free mortar is obtained. The amount of water to be added indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide.

Apply Du Plast 20 with a smooth spreader. The high level of thixotropy of the mixture allows for high finishing thicknesses with just one coating. It is generally advisable to apply an initial fine layer, pressing the product down to obtain maximum adhesion to the substrate and to adjust water absorption of subsequent layers. The appearance of he finish will vary depending on whether a smooth steel spreader or a sponge spreader has been used for application. For subsequent laying of ceramics tiles it is always advisable to obtain a roughened, porous surface.

Precautions & Limitations
Do not use DU Plast 20 for levelling purposes or for the correction of substrate irregularities greater than 10 mm. Do not add other binders or additives to the mixture low temperatures and high relative environment humidity lengthen drying times an excessive quantity of water will reduce strength and the drying time before laying hardwood floors and resilient materials. Check residual humidity with a hygrometer calcium carbide. Protect from direct sunlight and currents of air for the first 12 hours. Respect the elastic joints present in the substrate. Do not use on high flexible substrates subjected to thermal expansion, plasterboard, gypsum, on substrates subjected to continuous moisture rising.

Health & Safety Precautions
During application wear protective clothing, gloves and eye goggles suring application. Avoid product to contact eyes and skin Skin Contact : Wash immediately with plenty of clean water, use kerosene or mineral trupentine when the product has dried. Eye Contact : In the event of eye contact splash plenty of clean water immediately and seek medical advice.


Coverage 1.6 Kg / m per mm of thickness.
Packaging 25 Kg of Bag.
Shelf Life & Storage 12 months in the original packaging in dry environment
Cleaning Residual traces of Dubond Du Plast 20 can be removed from machinery and tools with water before the

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