Dupump Concrete Admixture

DUPUMP is a powder packed in pre-weighed pouches to be mixed with water at site. It is a unique compound of high performance components, which offers superlative cost reductions by saving time and protecting pump and pipe line. DUPUMP eases hydraulic pressure in the pump and pipe line and optimizes pump capacity when using “sticky” concrete mixes. DUPUMP is environment friendly and is not harmful to concrete, like chlorides or active air entraining substances.

A knowledgeable operator and DUPUMP is a great combination. Operators dislike pump blockages as much you do. Once they understand how well Dupump works, they will insist on using it every time. Thus, the number of pump blockages will be minimized. The need for fewer expensive elbows and pipe is like money in the bank. Pump the tough jobs. DUPUMP used as a pump aid lets you do jobs that others have failed on. When a construction manager sees that you can pump a job that others cannot, you gain a customer. Faster priming means less time on job and more jobs, i.e., more revenue per day

Advantage and Benefits

  • Increases pump capacity – reduces pressure in concrete pump and pipes.
  • C lean and easy preparation of the primer.
  • I n 5 minutes the equivalent primer is ready, as opposed to lugging sacks of sand and cement.
  • R eady – to – use in pre – weighed pouches of 210gms, which corresponds to the equivalent contents of 50-150 kg of cement.
  • S uperior concrete pump capacity.
  • M inimizes wear and abrasion of concrete delivery pipes.
  • O utstanding time saving produces enhanced transport efficiency.
  • T he risk of “stop” and “block” is reduced to virtually nil.

Storage Life

  • It is better than using the old methods:
  • D UPUMP is cheaper.
  • D UPUMP is a time saver.
  • D UPUMP is easy to mix and use, therefore operators will love to use it.
  • D UPUMP is easy to store on the pump and transit mixer.
  • D UPUMP cuts maintenance costs.
  • DUPUMP slurry can be directly added to the prime ports of pumps or can be placed directly in hoppers.

Method of Use
Add 1 pouch of 210gms DUPUMP to 25-30 litres of clean tap water and mix for 1-2 minutes. A sticky jelly texture will develop. Allow it to stand for 5-7 minutes. Add 120-150 litre of clean tap water. Now, pour Dupump slurry into the hopper. It will allow the slurry to be charged in the system ahead of the concrete. For better results, wetting of pipes before starting the priming of pipe.


Purity 90-92%
Form Liquid
Use Industrial
Shelf Life 12 months in sealed condition
Pack Quantity 1-5ltr
Specific Gravity 0.83 ± 0.02 at 30º C
PH Min 6
Air entraining 1% additional air
Dosage 0.5 - 3.0% by weight of cement

Additional Information

Packaging Details DUPUMP is supplied in 210gms pouch in boxes containing 100 pouches.

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