Epoxy Grout for Tiles & Stones

Epdxy Based Grout with Gel Technology
Dubond's DUPDXY is thixotropic two part epoxy based formulation having excellent resistance to wear and european choice special sheen affect which makes it a darling choice of consultant fraternity. It is a state of grouting material of highest quality that provides aesthetic effect and durability. It perfectly prevents stains, spillage, chemical attack in filled groove thicknesses of tiles, stones.
Part A consists of a mixture of epoxy resin, siliceous aggregates and additives.
Part B consists of mixture of organic catalysts. The advantage of two part epoxy grout system of dupoxy is its high user friendliness . The filling of this gel filler- in the grout is easier than all the distantly following equivalent products. It has a matt finish with an ingredient that provides crystalline sheen affect with ease of clean ability . It is suited for residential and commercial installations including those with total hygiene control, damp and wet environments.

Areas of Application

  • Suitable for resistant installation and grouting of floor and wall tiles and mosaic in interiors and exteriors with grout joints between 2 to 15 mm wide, such as :
  • Floor and wall tiles in general
  • Floor and wall tiles in bathrooms and showers
  • Under floor heating
  • Kitchen counter tops
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Dairy & food processing plant
  • Dubond's dupoxy .n be used for the grouting of ceramic tiles in environments submitted to direct contact with foods, like workbench of meats, dairy products of floor, basin for fish breeding, workbench in restaurant and bakeries.
  • Suitable for applications where surfaces are exposed to aggressive chemical substances such as dairies, laboratories, pubs, food factories in general.
  • Also recommended for grouting swimming pools and tanks containing thermal or brackish water.

Features & Benefits

  • Dupoxy is easy to apply and easy to clean that lends the following advantages when used correctly:
  • Extremely easy application and to clean even compared to normal cementitious sealants.
  • Stable and uniform coloring for all types of tiles with exclusive colour effects.
  • High mechanical strength & hardness.
  • Very low water absorption.
  • Total absence of cracking or crazing during hardening.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent bonding.
  • Uniform colors, resistant to weathering agents.
  • Optimum hardness and ability to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Stain free
  • UV resistance

Suitable substrates

  • Concrete
  • Brick masonry
  • Concrete masonry
  • Cement mortar beds
  • Gypsum wallboard
  • Ceramic tile and stones
  • Exterior glue plywood
  • Non-water soluble cut-back adhesive
  • Vinyl or other resilient tile
  • Plastic laminate
  • Cement backer board
  • Steel
  • Cement plaster
  • Cement terrazzo

Method of Application

  • Preparation of substrates
  • Before grouting check that tiles have been laid correctly and are anchored perfectly to the substrate Substrates must be perfectly dry.
  • Fill joints in accordance with the recommended waiting time indicated on the relative data sheet for the adhesive used.
  • For mortar substrates, wait at least 7/14 days depending on screed thickness,ambient weather conditions and on the level of absorption of the covering and the substrate.
  • Any water or moisture rising can cause vapour pressure to accumulate. which may in tum loosen the tiles on account of the complete inabsorbency of the grout or of the tiles themselves
  • Join. must be free from any excess adhesive, even if already hardened, further more they must be of an even depth on the whole width of the tile covering, thereby ensuring
  • maximum chemical resistance
  • Any dust and flaky parts must be removed from joints by carefully cleaning them with electric dust extraction equipment
  • Before grouting, check the cleanability of the tile covering. as porous or highly microporous surfac. may make cleaning difficult. It is advisable to perform a preliminary test on tiles not to be laid or in a small, concealed area. In this cases we recommend treating the covering with specific protective products, being careful to avoid applying it to the join.


  • DUPOXY is prepared by mixing together Parts A and B from the bottom upwards. using a low-rev (400/min.) helicoidal agitator, respect the preset ratio of 5 : I of containers. Part A = 2 parts by weight 8/ Part B -= 1 part by weight ( two parts are pre batched U their respective containers )
  • Pour Part B into the bucket containing Part A, being careful to mix the two parts uniformly until a smooth even coloured mixture is obtained. Only mix an amount of grout that can be used within I hour at +23 °C, 5096 RM.
  • The containers of DUPDXY must be stored at a temperature of +20°C for at least 2/3 days prior to use. Higher temperatures will result in the mixture being too fluid a. hardening too quickly, while lower temperatures will make the mixture harder to apply and will slow down setting, which is inhibited at temperatures of below + 10 °C


  • DUPDXY must be applied evenly on the tile covering with a hard rubber spreader.
  • Seal the joints by completely grouting them, applying the filler diagonally to the tiles.
  • Remove most of the excess grout immediately using the spreader, leaving only a thin film on the tile.
  • Right after this start to clean up the tile surface.
  • On completion, to clean the tiles use a thick, hard and large-sized sponge damped in clean water to avoid removing grout from the joints. Use circular movements to soften the film of grout on the tiles and finish cleaning the joint surface. Specific high-dispersion polymers ensure all grout residues are removed using only a small amount of water, which would otherwise impair the final chemical resistances.
  • Rinse frequently to ensure clean water is used at all times, using appropriate trays and grills with cleaning rollers, if necessary, replace the sponge or felt cleaning pad when saturated with grout.
  • Finish cleaning up by dragging the sponge diagonally across Me tiles to avoid going into the joints. Any remaining grout marks can be removed before they harden with a 10/20 % water-alcohol soludon

Precautions & Limitations

  • Do not use on joints less than 2 mm or more than 15 mm in width,
  • Do not use on porous flooring for which more specific or alternative chemical resistances are required compared with those listed in the chemi. resistances table,
  • Do not use to fill elastic expansion or fractionizing joints or on substrates that are not fully dry and subject to moisture rising.

Health & saftey precautions
Ahvays use protective gloves and eyewear both during mixing and during application avoid any contact with the eye. If in case happens do not rub, clean with plenty of fresh water immediately.


Coverage Refer the coverage table
Shelf life & storage 24 rnonths in the original packaging in dry place
Appearance Part A-Thick colored gel, Part B- soft gel
Mixing ratio Part A -2 parts by weight, Part B -1 parts by weight ( The two parts are pre-batched in their respe
Mix consistency Creamy
Specific gravity of mix 1.55 kg/1
Pot life About 45 minutes at +23° C
Permitted application temperatures From + 12°C to +30°C
Recommended application temperature From +18°C to +23°C
Walk on time 24 hours at 23° C
Ready for use 5 days at 23°C
Joint width From 2mm to 15 elm
Sky Color More than 50 Colors Available
Star Track More than 50 Colors Available
Night Vision Green, Red, Blue, Yellow
Metalic 8 Colors Available
Shear adhesion strength Initial >2 N/M2, (EN 12003), After Immersion in water >2 N/M2, After Thermal Shock >2 N/M2
Abrasion resistance =250 mm2, (EN 12808-2)
Mechanical flexural strength after 28 days in standard condition = 30 N/ mm2 (EN 12808-3)
Mechanical compressive strength she 28 days in standard conditions = 45 N/ mm2 (EN 12808-3)
Shrinkage = I.5 mm/m (EN 12808-4)
Water absorption after 4 hours = 0.1 g (EN 12808-5)
Temperature of use From - 20°C to +100°C
Chemical resistance See chemical resistance table

Additional Information

Packaging Details I Kg comainer & 5 Kg container.

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