Epoxy Remover

Dubond’s Epoxy Remover is a powerful, Acid solvent based formula specifically designed for quick and effective removal of cured epoxy residues, such as epoxy grout residues from tiles.


Features & Benefits
Alkaline stripper especially fits for the removal of old layers of natural and synthetic waxes Dissolvesold layers of polish,wax residues,dirt,oilsand grease with the minimum of effort Work sin three-step system of removal of old wax&polish,impregnates and polishes the existing surface to be renovated and brought back to its natural beauty.

Method of Application

  • Dilute WaxRemover 1:10 with warmwater for general cleaning.Dilute 1:4 for particularly heavily soiled areas.When using as crubbing machine,dilute1:50or1:100 depending up on the level of cleaning required.
  • Apply the diluted solution to the floor area and leave to work for approximately 5-10minutes depending onseverity.
  • When using on porous surfaces such as terracot tatiles,bricketc.dampen with water prior to application to avoid cleaner being absorbed in to the surface.
  • Scrub the floor using a stiff brush or an abrasive pad to emulsify dirt.
  • Mop up excess liquid.
  • Thoroughly rinse the floor 2-3 times with clean water to remove all traces of cleaner.Any residues may leave surfaces slippery and could also have an effect on subsequent treatments,i.e.polishesetc.

Precautions & limitations

  • Wax remover is an alkaline product.
  • Do not use the pure producton polished marble sandstones.
  • For the first rinse of these materials,
  • Do not use tile cleaner nor cement cleaner,rinse in stead two times(atleast)with clean water.

Shelf Life & Storage-12-24 months in original sealed packing kept in cool and dry place. Store in a dry place in the original container. Fortuitous leakage and waste disposal method-n case material is released or spilled,clean up most of the product.store the residue in plastic tanks neutralize with a solution of hydrochloric acid adjusting the ph to 6-7 then send to water conditioner or call for a specialized company personel.


Appearance Liquid
Colour Transparent
Odor Slight Of Petrolium with Acidic
pH 2–3
Spec. Gravity (20°C) : 0.900 Gr. ∕Cc
Biodegradability 90%
Flashing Point Not Flammable

Additional Information

Packaging Details Avaliable in 500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 liter and 20 liters containers.

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