Leveling Mortar for Concrete

Dubond’s DU LEVEL is a high-performance levelling of substrates from 1 to 10 mm thickness, with normal setting prolonged workability, manufactured by Dubond Products (India) Pvt. Ltd, suitable for subsequent laying of tiles after 12-24 0 hours and for laying of natural stone, parquet and resilient materials 3-5 days after application, at +23 C 50% R.H. Apply using a smooth spreader on the previously prepared, clean and dimensionally stable substrate and finish with a rigid float.

Areas of Application

  • Internal & External.
  • Also suitable for large surface areas.
  • High level of slide for fast and safe applications.
  • High dimentional stability and long lasting performance.
  • High mechanical resistance.
  • Suitable for laying ceramic tiles, porcelian tiles, natural.
  • floors and resilient materials using adhesives

Features & Benefits

  • Thixotropic.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Normal setting.
  • Mineral levelling product for the high-performace.
  • Correction and extended workability of irregular substrates.
  • Extended workability.
  • Guranteeing the correction of large surfaces even in extreme climatic conditions with a smooth finish which ideal for
  • the subsequent laying of covering using Dubond adhesives.

Levelling of irregular substrates with normal setting and compensated shrinkage. Thickness upto 10 mm.

Compatible Adhesives
Mineral adhesives with SAS technology, single and two-component organic mineral adhesives. Reactive Epoxy and polyurethane, single and two-component cement based adhesives, dispersed in water and in solvent solutions.

Covering Materials

  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles of all types and formats.
  • Natural stone, recomposed materials, marble.


  • Cement plasters and cement lime mortar.
  • Walls in concrete blocks or cellular concrete.
  • Cement based screeds or screeds made using DU Level as binder or ready-for-use premixed products.
  • Residual traces of cement based adhesives.
  • Flooring and walls, for internal and external use, in domestic commercial and industrial applications and on heat - radiant slabs.

Preparation of substrates
Substrates must be stable, dry, free from any rising damp, without cracks, free from dust, oil, grease and loose, flaky parts. On substrates which are compact but very absorbent, apply Hydro Prime, water based surface insulations, in order to reduce and regulate the level of absorption. In the case of absorbent substrates with weak consistency, apply in double coats without dilution of water.

Apply Dubond DU Level With a smoth Spread. The high lvel of thixotrophy of the mixture allows for high fininjshing thickness with just one coating .It is generally advisable to apply an initial fine layer, pressing the products down to obtain maximum adhesion to the subsequent layers.  The apprearance of the finish will vary depending on wheather a smooth steel spreader or a sponge spreader has for application. For subsequent  laying of creamic tiles it is always advisable to obtaion a roughened, porous surface.

Preparation Dubond DU Level in a clean container by pouring in 3/4 of the water required. Gradually add DU Level to the water, mixing the paste with a low-rev (400/min) helicoidal agitator. Add water until a homogeneous, lump-free mortar is obtained. The amount of water to be added indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide.


  • Do not use Du Level for levelling purposes or for the correction of substrate irregularities greater than 10 mm.
  • Do not add other binders or additives to the mixture low temperatures and high relative environment humidity
  • lengthen drying times and excessive quantity of water will reduce strength and the drying time before laying
  • hardwood floors and resilient materials.
  • Check residual humidity with hygrometer calcium carbide.
  • Protect from direct sunlight and currents of air for the first 12 hours.
  • Respect the elastic joints present in the substrate.
  • Do not use on high flexible susbtrates subjected to thermal expansion, plasterboard, gypsum, on substrates
  • subjected to continuous moisture rising.

Health & Safety Precautions

  • During application wear protective clothing, gloves and eye goggles during application. Aviod product to contact eyes and skin.
  • Skin Contact : Wash immediately with plenty of clean water, use kerosene or mineral terpentine when the product has dried.
  • Eye Contact : In the event of eye contact splash plenty of clean water immediately and seek medical advice.


Appearance Ready-mixed
Mixing Water 6.5 Ltr. / 25 Kg
Pot Life > 4 h
Gel Time (Self-Leveling) > 40 min.
Temperature range for application 0 0 from +5 C to +45 C
Min. Thickness > 1 mm
Max. Thickness Achievable >10 mm
Foot Traffic 24 hours
Ceramic Tiles, Terracotta 24 hours
Parquet, Resilient materials & natural stone 3 days
Coverage 1.6 Kg / m per mm of thickness created.
Packaging 25 Kg of Bag
Shelf Life & Storage 12 months in the original packaging in dry environment.
Cleaning Residual traces of Dubond DU Plast 20 can be removed from machinery and tools with water before the

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