Quartz Stone Adhesive

Dubond Ultraflex is two-component solvent and water free adhesives which are flexible and waterproof. They are made up of a polyurethane base (component A) and a special hardener (component B). Dubond Ultrflex is an improved (2) reaction resin adhesive (R) and slip resistant (T) classfied as R2T

Features & Benefits

  • Easy workability.
  • Excellent durability and resistant to ageing.
  • Perfect adhesion on all surfaces used in building.
  • Hardens by chemical reaction without shrinkage (until it becomes highly resistant

High deformability.
In the case of Ultraex, highly thixotropic: it can be applied vertically without slump and without le tting even heavy or large tiles slip

Area of Application

  • Fixing wall and oor tiles indoors and outdoors.
  • Ceramic, stone material and mosaic.
  • Fixing on screeds, renders, concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, PVC, reinforced polyester, asbestos -cement, gypsum, gypsum board, gypsum panels etc.
  • Bonding ceramic tiles, stone material and all types of mosaic in showers and on sheets used for prefabricated bathrooms.
  • Bonding ceramic tiles and mosaics on wooden work surfaces or in kitchens in order to achieve a waterproof substrate.
  • Bonding ceramic tiles, stone material and mosaics on balconies, external terraces domes or at roofs subject to foot trafc.
  • Bonding natural stones and reconstructed stone (marble of every t ype, slate etc.) also subject to movement and size variation due to the absorption of water (class C of size stability according to DUBOND standards) .
  • Bonding ceramic tiles and stone material on surfaces subject to vibration and defection.

Preparation of Substrate
The substrate must be cured, mechanically strong, free o f loose particles, grease, oil, paint , wax and be sufficiently dry. Cement substrate must not be subject to shrinkage after the installation of the tiles. During spring and summer renders must be cured for at least one week for every centimeter of thickness and cementitious screeds must be cured for at least 28days , unless they have been made with DUBOND special binders for screeds such as DUCEM, DU GO SL. Where this not observed, the adhesion of Ultraflex to the substrate will be greatly compromised. Rust on iron surfaces must be removed by sandblasting. It is recommended to reinforce gypsum, gypsum board and anhydrite substrates with a coat of Primer. 

Tiles must be absolutely dry. Apply firm pressure to the ?les to ensure good contact and covering of the back. If the layer of fr esh Ultraflex is also to act as a waterproofing membrane, make sure that any ribs and lugs do not go through the layer. If Ultraflex is used for installing on particularly deformable substrates, all coverings larger than 5x5 cm must be installed with wide joints. The open time of Ultrafex under normal temperature an d moisture conditions is approximately 50 minutes. Any adjustment must be carried out within 90 minutes of installation.

Precautions & Limitation

  • Do not use on very damp surfaces or where there is a risk of rising damp.
  • The packs are pre-measured, therefore mixing errors are impossible. Do not use partial quantities. A wrong mixing ratio could cause damage during the curing process.
  • Use the products in temperature between +10 C to +30 C .
  • In case of use on surfaces subject to continuous immersion in water, consult the DUBOND Technical Services Department beforehand .
  • Do not use Ultraflex to bond transparent glass material.

Shelf life & Storage
Ultraex are stable for at least 24 months when stored in sealed drums. Component B (hardener) must be stored in warm place to avoid crystallization during cold weather (at least at +10°C). Should crystallization occur, re -dissolve by warming before use. Stir the product before use.


Colours W h i t e & Grey
Mixing Ratio 5kg [Part A (thick paste) 4.7kg : Part B (uid liquid) 0.3kg] 1 0 kg [Part A (thick paste) 9.4kg: Pa
Density (gm/cm³) Part A ( 1.56) & Part B (0.93)
Dry Solids content (%) Part A ( 9 7) & Part B (100)
Pot life 3 0 - 4 0 minutes
Open time 50 minutes
Adjustability time 90 minutes
Application temperature range from + 10°C to +30°C
Setting time : -initial 6 hou rs
Setting time final 8 hou rs
Set to light foot traffic 12 hours
Grouting 12 hour s
Ready for use 7 day s
Density of mix. (Kg/m³) 1520
Initial shear adhesion strength 2 .6
Shear adhesion strength after immersion 2 .0
Shear adhesion strength after thermal shock 2.4
Resistance to ageing High
Resistance to solvents & oils Good
Resistance to acids & alkalis Good
Resistance to temperature from -40˚C to 100˚C
Deformability Highly deformable
Mosaic & small size tiles (trowel no. 4) 2.5kg/m ²
Normal size tiles (trowel no. 5) 3.5kg/m ²
Large size tiles, marble, stones (back buttering) 5 kg/m

Additional Information

Packaging Details 5kg & 10kg

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