Ready to Use Waterproofing Coating

Dubond’s Hydro Gum is a ready to use paste in watery dispersion acting as a bonding agent suitable for the waterproof sealing of expansion and deformation joints. The high elasticity and water-resistance of Hydro Gum ensures the hydraulic resistance of Hydro Lastik strip 160 waterproofing joint, even when it is subjected to extreme thermal and mechanical stress

  • Green Building Rating
  • Mineral≥30%
  • Low Emission
  • Low Ecological Impact
  • Health Care
  • Water Based

Areas of Application

  • Waterproofing plastered surfaces, plaster or plasterboard panels and screeds prior to fixing tiles in bathrooms, showers or places where there is lots of moisture.
  • Waterproofing terraces, balconies, prior to fixing ceramic tiles.
  • To restore the waterproofing properties of old bituminous sheathing or bituminous aggregates (prior to applying hydrogum almost 2 hours earlier).
  • Permanent encapsulation of asbestos cement (prior to applying hydrogum almost 2 hours earlier).
  • For application in a single coat as bonding primer on the remains of old vinyl or polyurethane adhesives prior to glueing times with cement-base adhesives. Waterproofing gutters, caves, etc

Features & Benefits

  • As a crack-inhibiting membrane.
  • Excellent adhesion to porous and non- absorbent surfaces
  • Suitable for bonding and sealing sheeting
  • Overpaintable
  • For internal and external use, including areas subjected to frost, on waterproofing coverings, bituminous sheeting, synthetic SEBS coverings, metal profiles, finishing sheet metalwork, guttering and drainpipes.

Preparation of substrates
Surfaces must be free from grease, dust, films of smog and surface oxidation; porous surfaces must be dry. The sides of the joints to be sealed must be clean and free from any traces of grease, dust or rust. Remove all flaky or loose parts and carefully remove rust from metals. The substrate should be washed with high preassure jet to remove the surface contaminations. After one day of curing apply hydroprime on the substrate.

Hydro Gum can be applied to horizontal and vertical joints. Apply Hydro Gum to the Hydro primed substrate using a trowel or metal spreader, bond the Hydro Lastik Strip 160 With SEBS waterproofing joint, applying the product on the fabric edge and on 2-3 mm of the tape and covering with abundant adhesive. Where jointing operations involve corners, edges, pipes and drains, make special connection sections by cutting the joint strips from the extendable part of the tape and bonding them with Hydro Gum. Make sure the paste has been compacted deep into the joints to ensure optimum adhesion. Bonding should take place with a single coat, continuous if possible, using a trowel or metal spreader. Hydro Gum is dry to touch after approximately 40 minutes. Cleaning:Residual traces of sealant can be removed with common solvents, synthetic thinners or Kerosene. Once hardened, Hydro Gum can only be removed by mechanical means or using undiluted acetone / thinner.

Precautions & Limitations
Do not use in the rain, near open flames or sparks; high temperatures reduce workability, on oily or greasy materials, loose and flaking materials and severely rusted materials Health & Safety Precautions: Use Eye glass and hand gloves for the application. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water but do not rub. In case
of skin contact, wash affected areas with water and soap. If irritation still persists, seek urgent medical assistance.


Appreance White Thixotropic Paste
Specific weight 1.1 kg/m³
Chemical nature Synthetic resins
Temprature range of application from +5˚C to +40˚C
Foot traffic 48 hours
Max allowed movement ≤ 25%
Resistance to atmospheric agents Excellent
Resistance to ageing Excellent
Resistance to UV Rays Excellent
Working temprature from -20˚C to +60˚C
Final elongation after 7 days ≥ 900%
Coverage 1.4 – 1.5 Kg / m² for every mm of thickness.
Shelf Life & Storage 12 months in original packing, protected against freezing in packed condition.

Additional Information

Packaging Details 1 ltr, 5 ltr & 10 ltr of Bucket.

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