Rust Remover

RUST REMOVER 100 is a one-component sulphate and chloride free liquid, which removes rust andprevents further rusting in just one action.

RUST REMOVER 100 removes rust and prevents further rusting of : New or old reinforcement steel in construction Embedded steel in repairable structures Various steel structures like Tanks, Water pipelines, Effluent pipelines, Trusses, Purling, Rafters etc. Ball bearings, Valves, Manifold, Tools etc. in machine shops and auto repair shops.


  • RUST REMOVER 100 imparts the following advantages :
  • Completely removes rust and prevents further rusting.
  • Economical in use.
  • Easy to Apply.
  • Excellent for equipment and structural rust removal.

Instruction For Use
Surface Preparation

For corroded and heavily rusted surface it is economical to remove the loose rust by mechanical means like wire brushing, chipping, hammering etc depending on the extent of corrosion. RUST REMOVER 100 by brush, cotton waste swab or spray on the affected metal surface. Leave it in contact with the surface till the reddish color of the corroded surface has changed to nearest original black. Excess application may sometime give whitish black surface. After a minimum 24 hours remove the freed loose rust particles by brush Recoating After the removal of loose rust any reddish rusted surface still left has to be re treated with Rust Remover After the surface totally dries up (within around 48 hrs.) a preventive coating like Dubond’s RUST REMOVER 100 may be applied. The Surface should be dry.


  • Minimum Substrate temperature shoule be + 05°C
  • Maximum Substrate temperature shoule be + 50°C

Handling Precautions
Dubond’s products are generally quite harmless, provided certain precautions are normally taken for handling chemicals. Avoid contact with foodstuff and food utensils. Avoid prolonged skin contact. In the event of contamination, wash thoroughly with water. If the eye or mouth is affected, wash with clean water immediately.


Coverage 0.12 to 0.15 kg per sq. meter per coat depending on extent of rusting and nature of substrate.
Aspect Clear Liquid
Density at 300C in kg/ lit Around 1.01
Drying time at 30 C Within 24 hours
Shelf life For best result, use before 12 months
Storage Condition Cool and Dry place in original container

Additional Information

Packaging Details 1 kg. , 5 kg., 20 kg. Bottle

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