TOT Adhesive

Dubond's pure is a quartz based tile adhesive, that has excellent results for high resistance laying of ceramic tiles on floor, walls on cement based substrates. It is workable up to 10 mm thickness and the formulation ensures optimum-performance for tile setters. It is absolutely reliable and has its base in superiority of its conception

Green Building Rating

  • Mineral > 30%
  • Low Emission
  • Low Ecological Impact
  • Health Care
  • Water Based

Areas of Application
Designed for ceramic floor and wall tiles for outdoor and indoor . The tiles can be make of cotta, double fire, single fire, ceramic. Floors and walls, for internal and external use, in domestic, industrial and commercial applications also in areas subject to freezing.

Features & Benefits

  • Eco-friendly.
  • High-performance laying, ideal for use in industrial and commercial applications.
  • Mineral adhesive for high adhesion.
  • Pure contains recycled raw materials.
  • Pure develops an extended open and adjustability time meaning even highly.
  • porous tiles can be quickly and safely laid on very absorbent substrates. Thicknesses up to 10 mm

Preperation of Substrate

  • The substrates must be free from dust, oil and grease, must be in dry condition and free from any rising dampness, the residual traces of cement, lime and paint, shall be totally scraped & removed.
  • The substrate must be stable without cracks, must have already been completely cured. Undulated areas must be corrected with suitable smoothing and finishing products.
  • On screeds and plasters which are highly absorbent and have dusty and flaky surfaces it is advisable to apply one or more coats of HydroPrime a professional, concentrated water-base, surface insulation product and a primer which reduces the water absorption and to improve spreadability of the adhesive

Method of Application
In general, cement-based substrates must be free from dust, oil and grease, dry and free from any rising damp, with no loose, flaky or imperfectly anchored partssuch as residual traces of cement, lime and paint, which must be totally removed. The substrate must be stable and without cracks, must have already completed curing hygrometric shrinkage and must present suitable mechanical resistance levels. Undulated areas must be corrected with suitable smoothing and finishing products.

Substrates with weak surface consistency
Screeds and plasters which present a weak crystalline structure in the initial mm of thickness and which can be easily abraded must be consolidated by means of Hydro Prime, the professional, water-base depth consolidant, to be applied with one or more coatings and according to the instructions, until a surface has been obtained which is
still absorbent but compact.

High - absorption substrates  :On screeds and plasters which are compact but highly absorbent, in warm climates and with direct ventilation, it is advisable to apply in advance Hydro Prime, a professional, concentrated, waterbase, surface insulation product, with one or more coatings and according to the instructions, to reduce water absorption and to improve spreadability of the adhesive.


  • Prepare Pure in a clean container, first of all pouring in a quantity of water equal to approximately . of that which will be required.
  • Gradually add Pure to the water in the container, mixing the paste from the bottom upwards with a low-rev ( 400 RPM /min.) helicoidal agitator. Then add more water until the desired consistency is obtained, the mixture must be homogeneous and without any lumps. For best results and to mix larger quantities of adhesive, a stirring device with vertical blades and slow rotation is recommended.
  • Specific polymers with high-dispersion properties ensure that Pure is immediately ready for use. The amount of water to be added, indicated on the packaging. It is possible to obtain mixtures with a more or less thixotropic consistency.

Type of application
Important :Adding extra water does not improve the workability of the product, may cause shrinkage in the plastic phase of drying and result in less effective final performance with a reduction in compressive strength and adhesion to the substrate.

Pure should be applied with a suitable toothed spreader, to be chosen according to the size and characteristics of the rear surface of the tiles. It is best to use the smooth part of the trowel to spread a fine initial layer, pressing down hard so as to obtain maximum adhesion to the substrate and to regulate water absorption, after which the thickness can be adjusted as required by tilting the spreader at an angle. Spread the adhesive over a surface area which will allow for laying of the surface materials within the indicated open time and check for suitability of the adhesive at regular intervals, the open time may vary considerably during the same operation, depending on various factors such as exposure to sunlight, air currents, absorbency of the substrate, temperature and relative humidity of the atmosphere. Press down each tile to allow for complete, uniform contact with the adhesive. In the case of laying in environments subject to heavy traffic or in outdoor locations, the double-spread technique must be used, to ensure 100% coverage of the rear of the tiles. In general, ceramic tiles do not require preliminary treatment, however these materials should properly anchored to the substrate or which may modify the absorption characteristics of the tiles.

Special applications
Replacement of mixing water with Tuffex AD, the professional elastomer latex, provides the adhesive with greater capacity of transversal deformation and greater resistance to water and tensile stress without modifying the open time and adjustment interval. Pure with addition of tuffex AD exceeds the level of performance required by EN 12004 class C2 E. Please consult the Dubond Products (India) Pvt Ltd site to define use of this product for particular purposes such as: laying on deformable flooring and walls in plasterboard, laying on heat-radiant slabs, laying of large-format paving slabs in outdoor applications and in permanently humid environments, direct bonding on substrates in smoothed concrete with reduced water absorption.

Precautions & Limitations
Do not use on substrates with a gypsum and anhydrite base without use of HydroPrime the professional, concentrated, water-base, surface insulation product1. Heat-radiant slabs.

High-flexibility substrates Marble floor tiles and natural stone

  • Metal and wood
  • On old ceramic flooring
  • On plasterboard;
  • On plastic or resilient materials,
  • On substrates which are wet, subject to moisture rising or in continuous contact with water.
  • Do not use the adhesive to correct substrate irregularities greater than 10 mm


  • 55 to 60 Sq E (3mm)
  • approximately 60 Sq Ft for 20 Kg. bag with 6mm x 6mm
  • square notch trowel for a bed thickness of 3mm.


Colour Light Grey
Mixing Ration 5.5 to 6.0 Ltrs/ Bag 20 Kg Pure
Pot Life ≥ 5 Hours
Open Time ≥ 30 Minutes
Adjustability ≥ 45 Minutes
Bed Thickness 3mm To 10mm
Grouting 8 Hours on wall / 24 hours on floor
Shear Adhesion After 28 Days. ≥1 Mpa, ANSI A-118.1
Tensile Adhesion On Concrete After 28 Days ≥1 MPa, EN 1348
Durability Test: Adhesion After Heat Ageing. ≥0.5 MPa, EN 1348
Adhesion After Water Immersion ≥0.5 MPa, EN 1348
Adhesion After Freeze Thaw Cycles. ≥0.5 MPa, EN 1348
Adhesion After Straining Thaw Cycles ≥0.5 MPa
Working Temperature From - 30°C To 80°C, EN 12004
Conformity C1 E, EN 12004
Shelf Life & storage 12 month with original packing in dry storage condition.
Health & Saftey Precautions Use Gloves. Non Toxic.

Additional Information

Packaging Details 5 & 20 Kg Bag.

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