Wall Tile Adhesive

Dubond's DU FIX is quartz based tile adhesive that has excellent results for high resistence laying of ceramic title on floor walls on cement based substrates. It is workable upto 10mm thickness and the formulation ensures optimum perfomance of tile setter.It is absolutely reliable and has its base in superiority of its conception.

Designed for ceramic Floors, Wall and interior applications. Single pack adhesive.


  • One pack adhesive , just add water.
  • frost free.
  • water resistant
  • Long open time
  • Proven Perfomance.


  • Concrete
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Brick Masonry
  • Old  Ceramics Floor
  • Cement Plaster.

Surface Preperation
All surfaces should be clean and free from oil ,grease and all dirt. Dry dusty concrete slabs or masonry should be dampened and excess water swept off.Be ensure for that the base is suffciently flat to permit the specified faltness of finished tiling, bearing in mind the permissible minimum and maximum thickness of the bedding material.

Add DU FIX adhesive to clean water and mix it until a homogenous lump- free mixture which obtain.Recommended water to adhesive is 28% to 30%.Avoid less or extra water. Advisable to use slow speed blander. To increase adhesion and flexiblity add " Tuffex AD" admixture to impart flexiblity -inhance adhesion and  durablity and reduce water permeablity.

Do not add lime or cement to the product. Wear a respirator in dusty areas. Avoid breathing dust. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, In case of contact wash with plenty of water. During cold weather or in a high humidity, protect finished work from traffic undl fully cured.

Spread the mix on to the substrates, Using the smooth part of the trowel to create a layer of about 3-6 mm thickness. Immediately afterworids comb using the notched part of the trowel. The trowel notched size of the trowel must be chosen according to the size of the tiles . In any case it must assure 65 to 70% coverage of the back of the tiles for interior installation and 100% for exterior installation or floors subject to intense traffic. In exterior installation of floors subjects to high stress it is advisable to apply the adhesive additionally to the back of the tile.(Back buttering method ) Give a slight twisting action.

  • Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding water.
  • Allow the paste to be mature for 5- 10 minutes after mixing.
  • Saturate the surface well and remove excess water before application.

Laying the Tiles
Place the tiles on the spread adhesive and press firmly to assure good contact. The product's open time in normal condition of temperature and humidity is 20 minutes. However this may be reduced to just a few minutes in very hot or windy weather. Tiles must be bid with grout joints of adequate width for their size. Butt joining (tiles touching) is not recommend. Take account of movement or control joints during installation. Leave space at least 5mm next to walls or vertical elements. The tile surface must be protected for at least 24 Hours from water and for about 5-7 days from frost and direct sun light.


  • Joint between tiles can be grouted after 08 hrs in the case of wall tiles or 24 hrs , in the case of floor tiles.
  • Grouting can be carried out using DUFILL CEMENTITIOUS grouts and DUPDXY two parts epoxy grout.
  • Do not set tile when surface temperature is bellow 05'c or when substrate is frozen.
  • Cold Weather Note : The setting of Portland cement adhesives and grouts are retarded by low temperatures. Protect finished work for an extended period when installing in cold weather.
  • Hot Weather Note : The evaporation of moisture in Portland cement adhesives and grouts is accelerated by hot—dry conditions. Apply to dampened surfaces and protect freshly spread adhesives and finished work when installing in temperature over 35°C.
  • DUFILL and Dupoxy grouts require routine cleaning with a neutral PH soap and water. Minimum after 28 days of installation.
  • Specifications are subjected to change without notice.
  • Results shown are typical but reflect test procedure used.
  • Actual field performance will be depend upon installation methods and site/substrates conditions.

Storage & Shelf Life
Factory sealed packed bags are of I year if stored off the ground in a dry area. High humidity will reduce the shelf life of bagged products.


Usage Interior And Exterior
Cleaning Clean tools and tile work with water while adhesive fresh
Color Grey
Coverage 65 sq. ft. per 20 kg bag, In 6mmx 6mm sqare notch trowel
Ash content 3%
Tensile shear strength 170 kg/cm2
Max. Operating Temp C. 180 to 200 deg. C
Working time 30 deg. C. 30 to 40 minutes
Application Tile Fixing
Quality Optimum

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Packaging Details 20 Kg Bags

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